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Crobar, London 24 May 2010

Enforcer, photo by Mark Taylor

It was a busy night in London for us media hacks, there was the film screening premiere of the film on Rush-Beyond The Lighted Stage in Soho and over in Camden new Finnish glam sensations Reckless Love were smearing their lipstick over at the The Barfly, but it was here at my favourite watering hole The Crobar that i'd rather be tonight to see a band that had won me over at last years Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany.

Swedish metallers Enforcer are currently in the country about to embark on their Nightmare Over The UK tour along with fellow Earache Records headbangers Cauldron (who are also here tonight, helping to prop up the bar).

Today sees the release of their second album 'Diamonds', which carries on their development of bringing the sounds of the NWOBHM up to date to a new generation.

Tonight is a party to celebrate the new release and is also a secret show in the very truish sense of the word.

Enforcer, photo by Mark Taylor

Most secret shows these days are just a promotional tool for major bands to play a smaller venue which are well publicized to gain some free advertisement in the news sections and are sold out within seconds on the internet.

This gig is so secret,that only a handful of Enforcer fans are lucky enough to have found out about it through the good old fashioned word of mouth.

Londoners are at last enjoying the summer heat and The Crobar tonight is one hot sweaty box and as regulars to this bar will know there is not much room to swing a cat, so I'm actually grateful tonight there is room to manoeurve around without spilling my drink.

Enforcer, photo by Mark Taylor

Enforcer make the most of the area available and stormed into a full metal assault with guitars held aloft and attacking the crowd like the Hungry Hippos from that kiddies game. Singer Olof Wikstrand is soon screaming directly into our faces.

The band launch into five new songs from 'Diamonds' opening with 'Midnight Vice'. During the title track of the new album Olof quickly nips off to the gents which isn't a problem as it is only ten yards away to spend a quick penny.

Animated bassist Tobias Lindquist is clearly enjoying himself and is the first to go shirtless in the heat soon followed by the singer who was keeping the ladies happy with his Scandinavian blond hair ,pin up looks and a slim sweaty barechest.

There was some serious headbanging going on from the band whilst The Crobar looked on in awe not believing their luck.

Enforcer, photo by Mark Taylor

Two songs from the first album 'Into The Night' ended this short set, but encores were demanded for which the band duly delivered before the Crobar let them outside to get some much needed oxygen.

Sadly no 'Black Angel' or 'Scream Of The Savage' but those are being saved for the tour proper.  We can't have it all can we?

The band along with Cauldron mingled and partied hard into the night.  One of those nights where you just had to be here.  Best metal band I've seen in a pub in a very long time.  A great night out.

Set List: Midnight Vice / Roll The Dice / Walk With Me / Diamonds / Take Me Into Hell / Mistress From Hell / Evil Attacker ..encores.. On The Loose / Runnin' In Menace

Review and photos by Mark Taylor

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