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TIGERTAILZ, Borderline, London 10 October 2009

Tigertailz, photo by Mark Taylor

There were plenty of gigs to chose from in the capital on this Saturday night out..Over at the aircraft hangar of Wembley Arena was the Progressive Nation tour with Dream Theater and Opeth, but the thought of long solos and widdly keyboards getting lost in the muddy sound of that echo chamber didn't appeal to me, nah...

There was the Cult putting on their goth eye liner one more time doing their Love thing at the Albert Hall with once again a muddy sound, nah...Papa Roach doing their glamed up nu-metal thing at Brixton, nah...or Amorphis at the Camden Underworld (Don't think my ears could take it), nah... or Tigertailz at the Borderline right next door to my favourite watering hole the Crobar here in the West End all for the pricely sum of a tenner. Wahey! Let's party on dudes.

Tigertailz, photo by Mark Taylor

Now please excuse me for giving up the chance of hearing musical par excellence, but it's Saturday night and I want to have fun.  One thing you are always guaranteed at a 'Tailz gig is fun and the chicks are better looking too.

Tigertailz are performing the 1990 release 'Bezerk' in it's entirety along with some extra odds'n'sods from that period.  Playing the album in its original sequence could have been a risky move considering that the glam floor filler 'Love Bomb Baby' was the second song in and could've brought this party to a premature end, but it just raised the spirits of this sold out crowd.

From then on it was noise level critical with the band and audience getting off on each others energy.  Kim Hooker and Jay Jay Pepper were running this party and no one was going home without a smile on their face.

Tigertailz, photo by Mark Taylor

For the encores we got 'Livin' Without You' the first single release for then new boy Hooker and from the very beginning 'Shoot To Kill' before ending the night with some cranuim crashing 'glamtastic' versions of 'Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?' and 'Creeping Death'

I'm sure the career of Tigertailz would've taken a different path if 'Bezerk' had been their debut album rather than the poorly produced debut 'Young And Crazy', then people would've taken them more seriously.

Tonight was a fantastic gig.  Pepsi Tate will be in the great sky with a big wide grin on his face.

Set list: Sick Sex / Love Bomb Baby /I Can Fight Dirty Too /Noise Level Critical / Heaven / Love Overload / Action City / Twist & Shake / Squeeze It Dry / Call Of The Wild.

Encores :
Livin' Without You / Shoot To Kill / Murderess /Peace Sells...But Who's Buying / Creeping Death


Review and photos by Mark Taylor

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