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STEVE LUKATHER, Robin 2, Bilston 6 March 2009

Steve Lukather, photo by Lee Millward
Photo: Lee Millward

It was around 8.45pm when Steve Lukather and his band hit the stage to a rapturous applause from the crowd, straight away they launched into "Drive a Crooked Road" from Luke's first solo album and the main man himself was in full flight. Rock-out mode, this was pedal to the metal stuff at it's best.

From hereon in it was a rollercoaster ride of musical emotion with plenty of "Luke style" humour thrown in for good measure!

The show lasted well over 2 hours and included tracks from his solo albums including his latest masterpiece Ever Changing Times.

Steve Lukather, photo by Lee Millward
Photo: Lee Millward

One of the show's highlights had to be Luke's beautiful and highly emotional rendition of "Song for Jeff" ( a song he wrote for his friend and former Toto band mate Jeff Porcaro who died in 1992). I don't think there was a man, woman or beast in that hall that didn't feel something at that point, very moving and utterly justified!

Another highlight was when Luke's band were let off the leash to show us what they were capable of and boy were they capable!

Carlitos Del Puerto, photo by Lee Millward
Photo: Lee Millward

Each a major talent in their own right, you had guitarist Ricky Z who was simply awesome and what a voice. Carlitos Del Puerto (bass) another awesome talent who provided a solid groove, Eric Valentine (who I got to talk to briefly after the show, nice guy!) a fantastic drummer with octopus type reflexes, simply stunning to watch!

Then last but not least was Steve Weinghart, keyboard player extraordinaire, who provided some magical touches throughout, a true genius!

Between them they cooked up a storm ... really working the crowd and providing some genuine rib ticklingly funny moments, a pure joy to watch!

Luke tonight was at his best: his guitar work was exceptional as per usual and his voice also, like a vintage wine it just keeps getting better!

Steve Lukather, photo by Lee Millward
Photo: Lee Millward

And he kept us all laughing throughout with his humorous stories, if there had been room in that tightly packed sold out venue I'd have been rolling about the floor!

To sum it up the whole evening was an amazing experience. one I'll never forget, and for me personally there was an added bonus, I got to finally meet up with a great bunch of friends from the Totonetwork (a great place for fans of Toto to share their love of this great music) which I enjoyed just as much as the show!

Review by Richard Watkins

Photos by Lee Millward

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