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NATASCHA SOHL, BBC Club, London 15 April 2009

Something is happening for pop rocker Natascha Sohl. And if anyone was under any illusion as to why we had gathered at The BBC Club for this 5 number showcase, they were quickly dispelled by the MC who brazenly stated that 'we can start now as Capital records are here' But commercial considerations aside Natascha and her well drilled band have much to offer.

Aside from the occasional sense of grand gesture and teasing shake of her blonde mane, Natascha has a mellifluous voice tailor made for those quiet/loud arrangements and booming radio friendly choruses. She's Anglo French and has a commercial presence in America born of a song writing partnership with New Yorker Russ de Salvo.

On top of that, she's a confident stage performer unafraid of the occasional grand gesture with a sweep of the arm. More importantly as this showcase demonstrated, Natascha has a handful of commercially catchy songs most notably 'Naked' which really should have already brought her commercial success. And perhaps that fact alone might point to the only negative in the mix.

For Natascha does what she does very well, but in some respects the formula has already been milked by the likes of Avril Lavigne. Thus the only question remains, is there room for another similar artist? And the simple answer surely lies in the quality of her songs.

Natascha unveiled her new single 'If I Was a Boy' which if you could overlook some rather fatuous De Salvo lyrics - 'Boys have all the Fun' etc - is another catchy pop rocker aimed squarely at the charts and all that was missing was the accompanying video.

And when Natatscha consummately launched into 'Body Beautiful', it almost came as no surprise to learn from her introduction that it has already been used on an MTV programme, while 'Dirty Little Word' - her ruminations on love - was another catchy punky pop outing with a big chorus.

On the evidence of this showcase, Natascha has the talent, energy, looks and drive and it only r emains to be seen if there is still enough room at the inn for her brand of radio friendly anthemic pop rock


Review by Pete Feenstra

Photo by Noel Buckley

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