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BEN REEL Time To Get Real (2009)

Play this new Ben Reel CD to any music aficionado, and ask them where it was recorded. Nine out of ten would say Nashville. Guaranteed.

Now, Ben Reel may not be a household name (yet), but let's assume for a moment his work is unfamiliar to you. OK, what genre music would you say Time To Get Real was? No problem - southern, country blues rock.

And name any influences you can hear at play? Again, no problem - Neil Young is an obvious one, but also Springsteen and perhaps Chris Isaak and even a little Clapton circa 361 Ocean Boulevard.

So, nationality? No brainer - a man from the deep south of the US of A.

Wrong on all accounts, because Time To Get Real is the 5th album in 10 years from Irish guitarist and singer songwriter Ben Reel. And naturally it was recorded in Monaghan in the north of the emerald isle.

In reviewing Ben's last album New Horizon (2007) - which had an altogether more 'west coast' feel - we pondered on image, and what might make Ben stand out from the likes of Marc Cohn.

It may be that with Time to Get Real, and diving deep into Americana, Ben has found his niche. Beautifully played and recorded it's bound to strike a chord with the market that's fuelling the resurgence of Neil Young, and Springsteen's exploration of the American psyche.

But the challenge is still to get his music across the pond. It's not easy to crack America - many have tried and failed, but the rootsy warmth of the songs, the soulful singing and classy playing (some wonderful blues guitar and harmonica work) would undoubtedly be lapped up with a little exposure.

So remember the name - Ben Reel - a real class act.


Review by Pete Whalley

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