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MEN, Manchester 21 April 2009

A gruesome picture of a strange man with a guitar impaled through his chest was the first time I ever came across AC/DC on a twelve inch vinyl, at the tender age of seven. I disregarded it as odd and disgusting. Through the years it is good to know that I came to my senses and by, how things have changed.

Upon arriving at the Manchester Evening News Arena there were sadly a number of obstacles which dampened spirits a little.

The car park was a ridiculous £9.00, and a slice of stale pizza in the arena was £3.20. Insane, I know, but you have to be prepared to be ripped off by these  parasites and arrive at your seat completely penniless. If considering ever going to this arena, or many others of the same scale PLEASE TAKE NOTE of these tips unless you want to re-mortgage your house:

QUICK TIP 1: Never buy food at the place.

QUICK TIP 2: Find/plan elsewhere to park (adjacent station car park only £4).

QUICK TIP 3: Eat before entering the arena.

Moving swiftly on after giving you some valuable advice, The supporting band were The Answer. They provided songs from new album ‘Everyday Demons’. Not really a very exciting and uplifting band, very much like many of the bands that are churned out these days. Nothing special.

Very shortly after the crowd were presented with an animation full to the brim of sexual innuendo containing AC/DC riding a runaway train, followed by some impressive fireworks and stage pyrotechnics.

Then the grand entrance of the Rock Gods themselves. After a runaway train broke through the scene out came AC/DC with new single ‘Rock n Roll Train’, Angus in his school uniform and Brian in his flat cap. T

They played a compilation of ‘Black Ice’ tracks with the golden oldies. ‘Back in Black’ was their second number then along came songs such as ‘Shoot to Thrill’ ‘War Machine’ and ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’.

Along with immense soloing and screaming vocals, Angus managed to fit in his traditional strip-tease. Watching a fifty three year old man wearing a school boy outfit, stripping onstage before thousands of roaring fans has to be admired. Although, Angus may be under the impression that when he removes his shirt everyone within a five mile radius spontaneously orgasms, nevertheless, it’s fun, it’s AC/DC, it’s hilarious.

The climax, of course, was the sought after appearance of Angus’ AC/DC briefs. The crowd went so insane that it seemed like a fifty three year old school boy gets more reaction from his arse than poor Jimi Hendrix would get from his guitar playing skills.

Of course, Angus will never lets his fans down and the show was filled with duck walks galore, with shots of his bouncing knees from every angle imaginable. Around half way through the show saw the arrival of humungous prostitute-looking inflatable Rosie riding on the runaway train. Typical AC/DC to emphasise infamous lyrics to the song: ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ with what looks like a ten tonne enhanced hooker, with torn suspenders and tacky makeup.

Amongst the many highlights of an amazing night, Angus duck walked his way to the end of the catwalk and played a long solo on a rising podium, including manoeuvres such as a circular floor spin while playing his guitar.

It’s brilliant that the Aussie rockers always put one hell of a show for the fans. There was not one second of boredom throughout the two hour set. Excitement, fun and laughter continuously. It was a good as classic rock can get, AC/DC are the epiphany of everything that stands for good and classic ‘rock n roll’, but unfortunately bands like these will not be around forever.

Sadly the newer bands like indie, etc are nothing like this, no excitement, no real staying power, no fun. Let’s just hope to the gods of rock playing their guitars in the sky that this era of rock stays around forever.

Review by Betsy Green

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