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THE FALL THE RISE Interlopers Revolver (2008)

The Fall The Rise

Birmingham based; The Fall The Rise, formed in 2004; hell bent on recording music they enjoy playing with a passion and intensity. The album title 'Interlopers' derives from how the band feels amongst the current Birmingham music scene.

The first few tracks are melodic and catchy with deep drum bass kicks and dirty larynx cries. The track " Bite Your Tongue and Walk Away" has been already been air played by the likes of Radio 1's Zane Lowe, MTV2 and Rockworld TV only proving a promising start to a first release.

As the album continues, I can see myself enjoying the sun at a festival with a beer in hand, yet maybe half way through the set (or half way through the album), I would become slightly bored and agitated with the repetitiveness tones throughout each song and the difficulty to keep up with the continuous tempo changes; making it hard to get into. On one occasion, I did have to skip the track 'Angel Inside All Of Us' before I went quite mental.

With a harmonic and melodic voice like Martin's; sang and recorded in a Deftones style, the backing vocals of the screeching reminds me of pain, making me feel sorrow, despair and redemption; only proving Martin's versatile vocal range and achieving the band's musical purpose in the first place. This album has already been compared to the likes of 'Deftones' and 'Reuben' (which is a very fair comparison) but chuck in a little early 'Lost Prophets' and 'Incubus' for good measure with a little more heartfelt emotion and harmonies.

A good first release with plenty of time for the band to mature, yet my pure judgement will remain sustained until I hear these guys live. You cant judge a band severely until you have given them a fair ride and considering the band hearts belong on stage, pounding out their anthems live, I'll give them a chance. Until then I give this album 3 out of 5.


Review by Fluffmeister

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