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STATUS QUO Pictures - 40 Years Of Hits Universal (2008)

Status Quo

Who can believe it eh? The 'Quo celebrate 40 years since the release of "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" with this all-singing, all-dancing, bring-on-the-skating-vicar, multi-format release collecting together some, or all (depending on which format you buy) of Status Quo's amazing output.

I have to confess to not having really been a massive Quo fan, but I went to see them live on their 'Pictures' tour recently (in Llandudno) and I have to say I was totally blown away by them. They don't look a day older than they did on LIve Aid, they played for two hours solid, and rocked the place from start to finish.

The question that has to be asked, I suppose, is why do we need another 'Best Of' compilation when there are so many already out there? I think the answer lies in the aforementioned multiple formats. Each offers a different configuration of content. There's a 2CD which is for the casual fan, with 40 tracks (one for every year), a 3CD set (featuring DVD and rarities) for real followers of the band, and, for the real addicts, there is a 4CD 'Earbook' which, for the first time, offers remastered versions of all the original radio edits of all of 'Quo's singles in one package - believe it or not this is an incredible 75 UK single releases. How many of today's fleeting X-Factor wannabes can hope to have that sort of longevity?

The 'Earbook', by the way, includes a 120 page Art Book, featuring the artwork of famous musicians, artists and stars from varying fields, who were invited, as a challenge from The Prince's Trust, to create their own version of a classic 'Quo single or album cover. The diverse group of personalities' attempts featured include Andrew Marr, Alice Cooper, Harry Hill, Rolf Harris, Steve Redgrave and even Liverpool FC.

Whether you will admit it or not is irrelevent, but everyone has a favourite Status Quo track. Mine is the very early 'Gerdundula'. This only appears on the 'Earbook' so it looks like the credit card is going to be hammered. I don't mind though, and neither will you, because inside every musical snob (like myself) there's an irresistible fondness and a grudging respect for a band that have been with us all the way through our musical experiences. Long may they continue to do so.

Quo have reached a serious milestone and the occasion is being well and truly marked.


Review by Alan Jones

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