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Singles Bar: September 2008

We've listed singles/EPs/demos in order of star rating. Best first.

DISTURBED Indestructible (Reprise)

The album of the same name has already made No 1 in the US. This is like Nickelback without their bank balance, an infectious slice of Grade A melodic metal that manages to be commercial whilst not totally selling out. Nickelback could well come out of the counting house and take note. ****

Review by David Randall

ANEMO Music Box

The second single to be lifted from Brighton based Anemo’s stunning second album Stentorian. To be honest, they could have picked any track off the album at random and come up with a winner (and perhaps they did).

In their new fully formed line up, the band are truly contenders for the Brit female fronted rock band crown. And despite the inclusion here of 6 club remixes, take my advice - buy the album. ****

Review by Pete Whalley

HONEY RYDER Fly Away (Goldust)

Supremely catchy single from bloke/girl duo who are hitting the spot in all the right places (ie the national press) The album 'Rising Up' is well worth checking out too. Infectious, great chorus, a real tonic. ****

Review by David Randall


Already a hit in their native Australia, Sneaky Sound System release this irresistibly danceable electro pop number. Not one for lovers of rock, but certainly a must have for those who enjoy the likes of Hot Chip and LCD Sound System.

Big down under, the band’s new album 2 has already debuted at the top of the Aussie charts, following up the band‘s success with their triple platinum I Love It debut, which itself spawned 4 hit singles. ***

Review by Pete Whalley

SMITH 6079 Ghosts

New single from a band who have already won a few awards. Well written rock with guitar pop and indie leanings. Think Kasabian with a bit more meat. Mean and moody and a little bit spaced with it.

For a new band releasing singles you could do a lot worse than check these guys out. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

GUNNER SGT The End Of The Line

Dirty sleazy rock'n'roll with a sludgy indie rock feel. Opening track "Dirty Gunners" has all the finesse of a NWoBHM bootleg or an Oasis demo, mixed with some AC/DC et al.

Passable, it has its moments, worth a listen but not sure if I'd buy it.  **½

Review by Joe Geesin

LANGUAGE Macadamia / We Are Here
Little Power Records

From the opening the bars of "Macadamia" I am thinking "What The F**K" throughout the song. I almost have to go back to see if I can believe my ears. Basically, I can't. Crappily catchy indie rock'n'roll. And the disco styled electronic 'shots' may have worked for Kiss in 1979 but they are vomit inducing here.

Beyond that, it's hard to pinpoint what's wrong with the track as the musicianship is OK. This makes you realise that the only thing worse than the wrong direction is indecision on which direction. Indie with too much else in it.

The second track is less annoying but still not working in any way.

Maybe welcome at NME but not with me in anyway whatsoever.  *½

Review by Joe Geesin


Ambient and atmospheric doom metal. Yes, really.

Opening track "My Sins", with all the subtlety of Geoff Capes using you as a shot-put, redefines Tank's brand of cement mixer metal to the extreme. Put someone in a cement mixer with a tonne of gravel, some pins and sulphuric acid, and imagine that as background music. This band make Napalm Death sound like Mozart.

The second track continues in a similar fashion, with less variety than a Status Quo medley and less tune than a deaf person trying to sing tunelessly. Some weird electronic effects don't so much break things up as have you wondering what the hell is going on.

Track three is slower, sludgier, more spaced out. I think someone just threw Hawkwind into the cement mixer.

I had to stop there, my bowels gave up.

Defecation Difficulties Guaranteed. *

Review by Joe Geesin


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