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Leeds Rio's - 5 June 2008

It was a beautiful thing on Thursday when one of the daddy's of sleazy rock, Ratt, played live in Leeds, England.

The evening opened in fine style with what I have to tell you were a fantastic little band, Slash Vegas straight from Selby and right in your face in a very good way! Ginna does great vocals and worked it from start to finish.

The songs delivered exactly how you want it to be in the world of rock. I'm looking for smiles, snarls and snake hips and that's what this band give. Tracks included 'Vive le Revolution' and 'Thelightattheendofthetunnel'. Slide over to the Strip, boys. Who knows what'll happen then?

King Nothing, local lads from Leeds came next and this was a gritty show of strength with a raw sound, living it and giving it large.

'Children of the Snake' and 'City Life' were executed with precision and I did notice this band are getting themselves a following, some of whom were in existence tonight, and it's not hard to see why. I mean they do what they do well and with names like Stone Daniels and Colt Blaze... it must be only a matter of time before the big time hunts them down.

The audience were busting to see the feature act though and too right.

California is great for lots of reasons but none more so than for producing Ratt in 1976. So when drummer Bobby Blotzer appeared on stage first and saluted the audience closely followed by the rest of the boys it actually felt a bit surreal.

Stephen Pearcy hit the high notes and gave an absolutely polished performance.

Warren DeMartini and the celebrated John Corabi, who for me is the epitome of a rock star - so white hot he's ice cold - again added to a tight unit of genius.

It was quite literally hit after glorious hit. A little bit of chit chat from Stephen which is always good and we were treated to all the best from Ratt, 'Tell The World', 'U Got It', 'Back For More', 'Lack of Communication', 'Lovin' You Is a Dirty Job'.

And these were all underpinned by some absolute classics, 'Lay It Down' and 'You're In Love' from the 1985 'Invasion of Your Privacy' record - it was a belter folks!

Robbie Crane did the bass thing good and brings some great vibes to band, regularly laughing throughout and lifting it up for those who need it.

'Slip of the Lip' from the 'Dancing Undercover' album sounds even better live and really personifies this type of 'rock from the strip'. Another hit 'Way Cool Jr' came closely after and the crowd just wanted more.

An encore ensued and the band finished with a real favourites, 'Body Talk' and 'Round and Round' to rapturous applause, some screaming from girls... and boys, and lots of 'whooping'.

The lads really looked as though they enjoyed every damn minute of the show and they left, not before Bobby grabbed the mike humbly thanking the fans and informing us "we love the UK". Well we love you too!

This show was the finished article. It was packed full of rock songs, no nonsense stuff and I can tell you that Ratt are absolutely every inch rock maestros.

Now I'm not going to force you to do something you don't want to do...but here's a suggestion - check this band out live aswell as some of the other chaps from this genre.

The Motley's, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tesla and the exceptional LA Guns are not going to be around forever, however much they and we would like them to be.

These and others are hardcore Hollywood hotties, banging out the music up and down the Strip and taking it to the masses who don't live in LA but are still so moved by the fabulous sound of the LA rock scene.

Try tastes good!

Set List

Tell the World
Sweet Cheater
Walkin' the Dog
U Got It
You Think You're Tough
The Morning After
Back For More
Wanted Man
I'm Insane
Lack of Communication
Lay It Down
You're In Love
Givin' Yourself Away
Dangerous But Worth The Risk
Slip of the Lip
Nobody Rides For Free
City to City
Way Cool Jr
Lovin' you is a Dirty Job
Body Talk
Round and Round


Review by Judith Reeves

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