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PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND No Wonderland Prophase/MVD Audio (2008)

Plastic Crimewave Sound

The Chicago­based Plastic Crimewave Sound is a band that is hard to describe. How about; a spaced out, nightmarish, psychedelic punk band. Of course that does not nearly begin to describe the scope of this band, but you get the idea.

With the CD re­release of No Wonderland, originally recorded as a concept, double­album on Eclipse Records and since out of print, the indie label Prophase offers this mind bending concoction of roaring psychedelic punk jams, heavy pulsating rhythms, sweeping minimalist soundscapes, fuzz tone, acoustic guitars and orchestral strings, all offset by some eerily poetic lyrics.

An 18­track concept piece, No Wonderland weaves in and out of all these different textures, taking the listener on a surreal, exploratory, almost frightening at times journey through this fuzz drenched, multi­faceted rock sound. Imagine the Syd Barrett led Floyd submerging themselves into a modern, industrialized format.

If it is hard to wrap your imagination around these descriptions, just imagine listening to the music. For this is not a collection of songs for the faint of heart or those looking to create some nice background music for a social gathering.

No, Plastic Crimewave Sound is some serious music for a serious music fan, as this five­piece, self proclaimed ³space punk² band rages through 70 minutes of stunning rock virtuosity reminiscent of classic 1970ıs prog rockers (the aforementioned) Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream and Pink Fairies. What? Never heard of some of these bands?

Well then, if your bored with todayıs cookie-cutter, Emo­rock and pop sounding artists, donıt be afraid to delve into the glorious past.

Go online and check out these bands for some genuine, musical originality with musicians who demanded from and commanded their instruments!


Review by Joe Milliken

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