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LANA LANE Red Planet Boulevard Frontiers (2007)

Lana Lane

Great new album from this talented female vocalist.

Opening track "Into The Fire" not only features some great vocals but some wonderful guitar, moving from fluid solos to a decent riff. In fact the opening riff really does make you think of the red planet itself. The guitar / interplay is good too.

"The Frozen Sea" is melodic, mixing mellow and heavy segments, the layering of the vocals giving a choral effect in places.

"Capture The Sun" nods at a melodic Iron Maiden circa late 80s, some intelligent metal bass/drums working well. The intricate keyboards fit in well too. The searing guitar sound knows when to hold notes too; while technically good it's not all widdly widdly.

The overall sound is well produced too. This four piece (Eric Norlander provides both bass and keyboards) produce a solid sound.

Genuinely impressed. Definitely a heads up for an up coming band.

Really superb.


Review by Joe Geesin

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