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ILLUMINATUS The Wrath Of The Lambs


A Spaniard, a German, an Italian and an English man from Nottingham set out to brutally, passionately and honestly sing about social and political issues with power and melodic dynamics.

Previously supporting acts such as 'Children of Bodom', 'Dragonforce' and "Nightwish' and several high profile appearances at Bloodstock and Bulldog Bash, the mass of loyal fans have keenly awaited this release with enthusiasm.

With collaborations with rock producers such as "Harvey Birell" (Therapy?/Ministry) and "Pete 'Pee Wee' Coleman" (ACDC/Black Sabbath) it is no wonder why this band has already drawn comparisons with the likes of 'Anathema' and 'Paradise Lost', significantly proving why the band has obtained critical acclaim.

We start the album in a slow dirty sexy 'Marilyn Manson' esque stylie with feelings of remorse and depression which continues through the entire album with rocky dark meaty riffs, resulting in 'Beavis and Butthead' mosh style antics.

Listening to the vocalist that warbles the notes with an over dramatic cringeworthy vocal stretches; my thoughts start wondering that maybe if Christina Aguilera were a man, this is what she would sound like. *shudders*

I have now become depressed from the deep sultry sounds and I can't quite work out what the vocalist is trying to get at. Yet, I am still compelled by the powerful sludgy riffs making the track "The Wrath of the Lambs" my favourite; well, it is instrumental after all! But then, the piano kicks in, which is a nice calm touch and has enlightened me from the earlier depression somewhat. 'Fish' would be proud of this track...and so would my Mum!

If you like Pink Floyd, Marillion, Cult of Luna then this album will find a decent spot in your collection; if you like it a bit heavier; it is still worth a listen but I think it will stay on your shelf gathering dust.


Review by Fluffmeister

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