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GRACE SOLERO New Moon (2008)

Grace Solero

I was looking forward to hearing the debut release by this multi-national group of musicians, coming highly recommended by GRTR!'s Dave Randall.

With a geographical background as Italy, New Zealand, America and Mexico, but now firmly established in London, the band's diverse musical influences promised a heady cocktail which has already found favour with the non mainstream music media publications.

The selling point of the band is lead singer Grace Solero's vocals which drift effortlessly from siren, to breathy, to anguished without so much as drawing breath. Often compared to Skin of Skunk Anansie, the parallels are obvious and there for all to see. You could also throw a little Lene Lovich and Alanis Morissette into the mix and you wouldn't be wide of the mark.

In fact, I was struck by the overall resemblance to Leah Andreone whose 1996 album Veiled was terrific debut, but whose career bombed after an inaccessible follow up.

But I digress; the overall sound of the band is one of dominant female vocals over a principally melodic - and to be brutally honest, a fairly staple rock backdrop (but hey, there's nothing wrong with that!). It's a fact that it's Grace's vocals that set the band apart, and the album opens with two great tracks - the single If You Feel, and the broody I Don't.

Grace's vocals are however likely to be the key to the band's success, or otherwise. You'll either love them or hate them, and for this reviewer, I have to admit that after a whole album of full on angst, I was looking a little light relief. But I think it's fair to say that if the demise of Skunk Anansie left a void in your life, then Grace Solero could be just what you've been looking for the last 9 years.


Review by Pete Whalley

Grace Solero interview (GRTR! Radio 22.04.08)

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