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BETH HART 37 Days Provogue (2008)

Beth Hart

There's no question Beth Hart has one hell of a set if pipes on her. A female Roger Chapman, with more 'puff' if you like. And when she's not making your ear drums bleed, she's got a warm husky hue to her vocals. Little wonder that she's played Janis Joplin in a stage play.

Beth's been around on the scene for a while - releasing her drug induced debut album Immortal back in 1996. It crashed and burnt, but she came back all the stronger with her more bluesy follow up Screamin' For My Supper in 1999. It spawned the excellent L.A. Song which was a minor hit. And her last studio outing was the deeply personal Leave The Light On in 2003.

But somehow, despite some heavy weight backing and producers no one has, until now, managed to capture the essence of the performer. 37 Days (the number it took to complete the album) has a spontaneous feel that replicates the chemistry of her live performances.

Nevertheless, it's not an easy listen. Beth is still full of vitriol and deep thoughts - anti Bush songs, jealousy, despair, suicide, the weight of the world and who knows - even Beth has no idea what Waterfalls is about.

Originally released last year, the album has found critical acclaim in America and Scandinavia (of all places) where she has a loyal following, making significant waves in Holland, Denmark and Norway. It's a subtle balance of piano and aggressive rock (Missing You rocks like a bitch) and can be best described by a single word: 'authentic'.

Beth Hart does not go through the motions. And for the benefit of those haven't experienced her back catalogue this 2008 re-release packs 3 bonus tracks - L.A.Song, Leaning To Live, and Leave the Light On. You might not get instant gratification, but you'll want to come back for more.


Review by Pete Whalley

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