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Borderline, London 18 April 2007

Cornish quartet Wire Daisies have their second album, 'Wire Daisies', out on the beginning of May and played this one off London show to promote it, fresh from their residency on Second Life.

Expanded with bassist Rob Lucas, there was barely room to move on stage and even less on the floor it was very well attended.

The show kicked off with the first two tracks from the new album, 'Wake Up' and 'Tongue Tied', highlighting the band's guitar led indie / post punk pub rock sound. Singer Treana Morris (who also backed up on rhythm and acoustic guitar) has a very strong voice and showed a range here too.

'Move Over' was slower, moody and dark, a touch of 60s garage with a gothic edge.

'How you all going?' gets a cheer, before we get the indie guitar pop ballad of 'Let Me Love You'.

'Make Everything Change' was the first of two tracks from the debut album and went down well.

The new single 'Rocket Girl' went down even better, an up tempo catchy number, one of the new album's better tracks. The set closed with 'Never Meant To Hurt You' kicked off acoustically before building to a power indie track. Rousing indeed!

One track encore, with Treana back on electric guitar, was the best track of the night, with drummer Steve Jackson and lead guitarist Alden Evans both going hell bent for leather, and Ol Beach's keyboards fitting in well.

A fun evening, a band to watch out for.

Review by Ed Stone

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