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HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy, Live In Sao Paulo
(2-CD) (SPV) (2007)

Two releases, reviewed together as they really go hand in hand, as both start with the basis of the full concert, recorded in Sao Paulo.

The Legacy world tour of 2005/6 took in a jaunt to every corner of the planet and judging by this recording, it was played tightly with insurmountable energy and passion, and equally well received.

The main concert kicks off with 13 minutes of 'The King Of 1000 Years', from melodic to power to speed and back again, a metal head's dream. A superb number that doesn't quite rival Maiden's Rime, but anyone with even a passing interest in either Helloween or German melodic speed metal will love this.

The dual guitar work is classic, the rhythms hard and heavy.

Many classics new and old, with vocalist Andy Deris handling things very well.

'Eagle Fly Free' is a popular choice, you can hear the crowd singing along.

Tracks from the same gig include 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' (13 minutes), 'Power', 'Future World' (10 minutes), 'Mrs God' and 'Dr Stein', while the CD adds as a bonus 'Occasion Avenue' and 'Halloween' (both over 10 minutes each, recorded at other shows), giving a total running time of over 2 hours.

Yes it's relentless, self indulgent, but fun and Helloween perfection.

The DVD version Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy, Live On Three Continents contains the full 110 minutes of Sau Paulo, in full where it was slightly edited for CD, plus the option on some tracks of switching to the performance at one of the other two recorded shows.

Then there's the other two live tracks ('Halloween' in full at nearly 20 minutes), promo videos, an on the road movie and band interviews. Value for money there, then.

Yes excessive, but it's only rock'n'roll.

****½ for both CD and DVD

Review by Joe Geesin

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