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Jacksonville, Florida 1 May 2007

George Thorogood took the stage to an already standing crowd at the Florida Theater. I've spoken on the intimate setting that is the charm of this theater many times before. The audience is seemingly on stage with the artist and most love this and play to it. George is no exception!

George Thorogood

Wearing his signature black T-Shirt and black jeans, Thorogood began ripping through his American Blues catalog for the Jacksonville crowd. Selling about 1200 of the 1900 seats was surprising for the entertainment value that was provided by this veteran performer. With such FM hits still in heavy rotation on classic rock radio as, 'Bad To The Bone', 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer', 'Who Do You Love?' and 'Get a Haircut and Get A Real Job' his job with this classic rock crowd was not as hard as others have it.

I'm sure looking at the front row used to be a better experience for George as the age group for his shows has grown older along with the Delaware bluesman and his music. Instead of a line of scantily clad young woman there was one in the balcony that I thought was going to bare it all at any moment and one front row center. Other than that, George would have to use his memory and imagination.

Thorogood played a rumbling rendition of "Who Do You Love?" just two songs in. The wiggling front man smiled from ear to ear throughout the entire night. The Destroyers played a mostly background role as George was up front and in the spotlight much of the evening. Had it not been for Jim Suhlere's trio opening the show (Jim is the Destroyer guitarist) we might have forgotten the Destroyers existed

"The Fixer" and "Gear Jammer." were particular high points for me personally but, the crowd was on their feet much of the night, which is what it's all about. George Thorogood puts on a great show and as for the music, that 'E' Chord plays the same as it did in the seventies, IT ROCKS!

Review and photos by Steve Janowicz

Set List

Rock Party - Who Do You Love - The Fixer - Night Time - I Drink Alone - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - Cocaine Blues - I Got My Eye On You - Bad to the Bone - Gear Jammer - Move It On Over

1st Encore

Nothing New - You Talk Too Much

2nd Encore

Love Doctor - Madison Blues

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