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EVERBLUE EverBlue (2007)


Being a child of the '60s (ahem), my music tastes are deeply rooted in the music of that decade, the '70s and some of the '80s. Sadly, most of the 'new' bands of the 'new' millennium hold very little interest to me (although I have tried to listen, I just don't hear anything). This is why I had very little expectations when a copy of L.A. blues-rockers EverBlue's eponymous debut CD landed on my desk for review.

As I slipped the unusual-covered CD into my player and began perusing the liner notes, I was suddenly taken aback when the first strains of the music began pouring forth. First and foremost, what really caught my attention was the lead singer, Adam Exler's vocal abilities - gravelly yet smooth, smoky and sultry; clearly unique, yet fairly reminiscent to Felix Cavaliere (Rascals), Tom Waits and early Capt. Beefheart. What I noticed next was the tightness of the band and the tightness of the song's arrangements.

Each musician has mastered their instrument of choice, with equally accomplished backing vocals. And speaking of the songs, EverBlue's influences are abound - from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to B.B. King - even Badfinger (and I believe my pal Joey Molland would appreciate EverBlue's originality, yet nod toward better musical times).

Along with Exler, EverBlue consists of bassist Russell Anguiano, UK native guitarist Nigel Taylor, and Mark Pohl on drums. Highlights from EverBlue's self-released debut CD are the lead track "Somebody Like Me," the epic "Take Me To Ride" and the sixties-throw-back (replete with Dylan-esque keyboards) "Sunday Morning" with its infectious melody, vocals and groove.

I can only hope that the music industry (as I have) takes note and gives EverBlue the chance to be heard, as they truly deserve it. In the meanwhile, I'm going to spin "Sunday Morning" once again as I can't shake that catchy melody loose from my head...


Review by Billy James

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