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EAGLES/Dixie Chicks
Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles 24 October 2007

This was about as strong of a country-rock double bill as you could have requested to celebrate the opening of a state-of-the-art 7,100-seat amphitheatre in downtown Los Angeles.

It was also the fourth of six shows featuring acts that are, for different reasons, beloved among SoCal residents. And 'well-oiled machine' was certainly a term one could apply, not only to the building's sightlines and acoustics, but also both bands.

In between head-bobbing rendition of tunes like the anti-abuse anthem 'Goodbye Earl' and the harmony-rich 'Landslide' (a Fleetwood Mac cover), Dixie Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines amused fans with quips about her penchant for political rants.

'I like a room full of rich people,' she observed wryly, and yes, well-heeled Baby Boomers and their kids abounded. The Grammy-winning 'Not Ready To Make Nice' brought the (presumably Democratic-voting) audience to its feet.

The Eagles, meanwhile, got the floor standing throughout with a greatest hits-driven set, after almost apologetically opening with four songs from their first album since 1979, Long Road to Eden.

Note-perfect readings of 'Hotel California' and 'Take It Easy,' however, were overshadowed by Glenn Frey's announcement that the band would donate significantly toward relief for those victimized by the wildfires that ravaged California in October.


Review by Lucas Aykroyd

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