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DUCKS DELUXE The John Peel Sessions Hux HUX086 (2007)

Ducks Deluxe

Three Peel sessions make this CD, and show just how hot this band were. While they were labelled a pub rock band, a couple of tracks here have blistering twin guitar care of Sean Tyla and Martin Belmont that would put many young bands to shame; just check out 'Coast To Coast' from the first session, dating from June 1973.

'Fireball' from the same session adds to the rock'n'roll credentials. 'Pensecola Blues' is bluesy with some neat picking, while 'Bring Back My Packard Car' finishes the first session. Yes the band had a punch, and a solid rhythm section in bassist Nick Garvey and drummer Tim Roper.

The following 1974 session adds former Sabres pianist Andy McMaster, and the band sound slicker, if less raw. Another (different) version of 'Fireball' kicks off, and the session includes a cover of The Stones' 'It's All Over Now'.

By 1975 Garvey and McMaster had left, later to form The Motors, and The Ducks weren't far of splitting, but the music is still hotter than a vindaloo. 'Paris 9' is a solid rock/pop song with sleazy vocals. 'Jumpin' In The Fire' is also worth checking out.

All 12 tracks previously unreleased, a couple never even committed to vinyl, it's not just for fans and collectors but a damn good set in its own right.


Review by Joe Geesin

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