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DAVID READMAN Frontiers (2007)

David Readman

Pink Cream 69 vocalist David Readman has produced a very enjoyable solo album which will delight lovers of Pink Cream 69 and Whitesnake (Readman does have the odd touch of Coverdale at times in his voice). A very impressive musical cast including band mates Dennis Ward handling production and guitarist Uwe Reitenauer. Joining them are Paul Logue (Eden's Curse/Cry Havoc), Eric Rango (Vox Tempus/Takara) plus members of Silent Force, Elegy and Vanden Plas.

If the opener 'Without You' doesn't get you running around pulling air guitar/vocalist shapes all over the place then you must be clinically dead! What a riff, what a chorus - this is what great melodic hard rock is all about. The next track 'Evil Combination' keeps the pace going nicely and then we get to slow it down slightly with 'Take These Tears'. A very moving ballad although certain parts of the song sound like Whitesnake's 'Is This Love?' Other corkers include 'Prisoner Of Shame' (the Coverdale sound comes through on this song) and 'New Messiah', which is another superlative hard rock tune. The lushly instrumented 'Love In Vain' closes the album in fine style.

David Readman has produced a very enjoyable album (with great production as you'd expect from Dennis Ward's involvement) that taps into Pink Cream 69 but for me hits the Whitesnake button more. High quality hard rock form one of the better voices in the genre, buy with confidence!


Review by Jason Ritchie

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