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London Camden Dingwalls, 12 September 2007

Review by John Stefanis

The 12th of September 2007 will remain in my memory as one of the worst days in recent times. Apart from being announced that I should not expect any significant pay rise or bonus this year, my car almost breaking down while on my way home and the London tube running with severe delays, I was informed that I would not be given the opportunity to conduct an interview with the members of Candlemass - one that I was really looking forward to, seeing as the band's latest opus "King Of The Grey Islands" made a huge impression on me.

Anyway, the fact alone that I would manage to see the Swedish Doomlords once more on stage provided me with enough motivation and the necessary strength to overcome all obstacles and still manage to be on time at the venue so as to see the two supporting acts - namely Centurion's Ghost and Battered. Even though Centurion's Ghost were quite tight on stage and performed a decent set I found myself not quite so fond of their new direction. Their 'new' vocalist is more of a screamer than a singer, and their new songs sound more 'hardcorey' than their earlier doom-orientated material - even so, the crowd seemed to have enjoyed their set and that is all that matters.

If Centurion's Ghost sounded out of place with their new musical direction, the Norwegian 'thrashers' Battered were a different ballgame altogether! Their smart blend of Hardcore/Thrash took the audience by surprise, yet the strong vibe and the overall presence of the band managed to win the youngest people amongst the crowd. Sigurd "Siggy" Olaisen's presence was felt throughout the band's short set, constantly interacting with the crowd and finally winning a certain amount of applause before leaving the stage.

When Candlemass came on stage, the room was already filled with energy and it took a few moments before the beautiful tunes of the "Well Of Souls" turned the Dingwalls into a sauna. From that moment onwards I got caught in a trance, forgetting that I was supposed to take notes and pictures for this review, so apologies to those who would expect an accurate and in detail set list to accompany my review.

Even though I am a huge fan of Solitude Aeturnus and I know how great Robert Lowe's voice sounds in a live environment, I was eager to see how well he would perform the classic Candlemass material. Well, I am happy to say that the inspiring frontman managed to pass every test with flying colours.

Apart from "Mirror Mirror", "Black Dwarf", "At The Gallows End" and a breathtaking performance of "A Sorcerer's Pledge" the band performed quite a few compositions from their latest album, namely "Emperor Of The Void", "Devil Seed" (Rober Lowe's favourite) and "Of Stars and Smoke" - all of which were greeted with excitement by their audience. After almost an hour on stage, the band went to their dressing rooms, only to return and perform two more classics, "Samarithan" and "Solitude", leaving everyone with a huge smile on their faces and myself with a strained neck and a small headache.

If you believe that Candlemass without Messiah are not an outfit worth investing in,'d better think again! Apart from the not so clear sound, especially towards the end of the show, this gig was both enjoyable and inspiring, so I suggest that you check out the band's website and see if any of their remaining dates will see them close to your home town. If that is indeed the case, do not miss on the opportunity to watch one of the best live Doom Metal bands ever - you will thank me afterwards!

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