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BUCKCHERRY/Backyard Babies/Damone
Mean Fiddler, London 20 March 2007

Outside of a festival, it has been a long time since I have seen three outstanding bands on one bill, but that is exactly what we got here.

Opening band Damone first came to my attention last year when I picked up a copy of their brilliant debut album 'Out Here All Night', and tonight they delivered a tight set- reminiscent of a heavier Avril Lavigne mixed with early Bon Jovi and Iron Maiden. I am pleased to report that they really can carry off the CD live, with tracks such as 'Now Is The Time', 'Give Us What We Came Here For', 'Tonight' and the brilliant 'Out Here All Night' getting the crowd going- this is a band to watch as I think they are going to be huge in the future.

Up next we have Sweden's Backyard Babies- a band I have seen many time, never lets the fans down and should have achieved way more than they have. From the opening chords of 'People Like Us' to final song 'Dysfunctional Professional' the band delivered a high energy, rock n roll set that included 'Brand New Hate', 'Star War', 'Minus Celsius' and 'Made Me Madman'. They promised to be back in the UK soon and if you have never seen the band live, get a ticket- you won't be disappointed.

Finally, we have Buckcherry, whose comeback cannot be underestimated- Grammy award winning and on course to become bigger than their first run, the band are tight, having fun and attracting a whole new audience alongside long-time fans.

The set tonight is dominated by new album, 15, older songs such as 'Porno Star', 'Whiskey In The Morning', 'Frontside', 'Crush' and the ever popular anthem that is 'Lit Up' sit well among the likes of 'Sorry', 'Broken Glass', 'Next To You', 'Everything' and the track that bought them back to worldwide attention 'Crazy Bitch'. Buckcherry are back in the UK in June for Download - let's hope they play a few other dates while they are here.

Review by Nikk Gunns

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