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The Barfly, Glasgow, 21 September 2005

21 years since Waysted supported Iron Maiden at the Glasgow Apollo on a momentous night, they returned to rock the city again! This tour had been rescheduled from January, when it had been postponed, so most of the fans had been waiting 8 months for this!! The Barfly itself is a club venue, hot, sweaty and just right for Waysteds' no nonsense ballsy rock. The place was packed and the crowd was well up for a good night as well. As the band took to the stage the crowd chanted, using a song from the new album 'Back From The Dead' "We want our own damn Waysted show, we want our own damn Waysted show"

Chris George, the young guitarist who took over from Paul Chapman before the album was finished, launched into the opening riff of 'Toy With The Passion' and the madness was underway.

The crowd sang, jumped and punched the air to every chord change and sang every lyric along with homecoming hero Fin on vocals. Not only a great singer, a great entertainer too and after the first number he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand!

Next up was the classic 'Won't Get Out Alive' Full on rock & roll. Then it's a trip to 1985s' 'The Good, The Bad, The Waysted' for 'Hang 'Em High'.

Next a song that shows how much the world has missed Waysted over the past 20 odd years, the opening track from the new album, the song about Matadors, 'The Alternativa'. This song has everything, on record it's glorious, live it's sensational, the story, the riffs the whole damn thing just blows you away!.

By now the crowd was about as hot and sweaty as the band, but there was still plenty to come, next another new track, 'Garden Of Eden' with a great opening riff from Chris that'll go down in rock history.

Paul Haslin on drums pounded the drums like his life depended on it and never missed a beat and as for the legend that is Pete Way on Bass, well I don't need to say anything, he's done it all!! 'Dead On Your Legs' is up next, then a classic track from the eighties, the Waysted anthem 'Heaven Tonight' At this point the crowd raise their vocals to a new level and we hear them sing every word along with Fin, a memorable moment for all who were lucky enough to be there. The first song Pete & Fin ever recorded is up next, 'Night Of The Wolf' a classic from 1983's 'Vices' album followed by the first ever Waysted single, 'Love Loaded' Both still sounding fresh 22 years after their birth! Another new song for the encore, 'Must B More 2 It Than This' and then it's sing-a-long time with UFO classic 'Too Hot To Handle' and Chuck Berrys' 'Around & Around'

Anyone out there who missed the return of Waysted on the tour circuit should hang their heads in shame, this is one of the hardest working, best live bands you'll ever see!! Look out for them wherever they play in the future and DO NOT miss it, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Go Get Waysted!!


Fan Review: Mark McCafferty

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