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UFO ‘Flying - The Early Years’ Sanctuary CMQDD996

In the murky depths of history, before even Michael Schenker had joined the band, UFO recorded two studio LPs and a live set between 1970 and 1973. Add on a non-LP single and you get that entire early output on this excellent double disc.

Very proto rock with a spaced out edge, Mogg and Way had that early partnership nailed quickly. At the time the band were complemented by drummer Andy Parker (hired to fix the van and cables too) and guitarist Mick Bolton.

‘Boogie For George’ is just that, and a stab ‘Cmon Everybody’ is well worth checking out.‘Come Away Melinda’ was also covered by Uriah Heep the year before, to give indication of the band’s then direction.

Their second LP, UFO2 - Flying, continued in a similar vein, and included the 18 minute ‘Star Storm’. I’m still no wiser as to who Prince Kajuku is though. Derided by the UK press at the time, it paved the way in Europe and Japan.

It’s all a cry from the solid professional heavy metal of today, but a great start and a great package putting it all together.


Review by Joe Geesin

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