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Academy 2, Liverpool, Saturday 24 September 2005

By all accounts Trivium's second UK tour has been going down a storm. Juxtaposed with support acts It Dies Today and All That Remains, it becomes obvious why the Florida foursome can currently do no wrong.

They’ve married nu-metal with thrash metal, so that current album ‘Ascendancy’ is now toted as the metal album of the year.


Trivium do thrash well, imploring the Liverpool crowd to form the mandatory circle pit and inciting interaction in their hour long set.

Matty Heafy is an excellent frontman and nifty guitarist especially when he twin leads with Corey Beaulieu. The standout songs had to be 'Dying In Your Arms' and the new single (featured as an encore) 'Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation' which effectively marry memorable chorus with unbridled moshing.

The acceptable face of thrash, maybe, but on this showing Trivium emerge triumphant. Just like those who dare to breach the circle pit and come out with body parts intact.


Review: David Randall

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