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Fibbers, York 19 January 2006

The latest evolution of Toby Jepson; former Little Angels front man and Rock's Original Wayward Son, leapt enthusiastically onto the stage at Fibbers in York on Thursday 19th January.

In a close to packed venue, Toby and his band (Nick, Roger and Matt) reminded everyone of what we had been missing for quite a while – good, honest rock music that comes straight from the heart. Whilst the acoustics at Fibbers weren't wonderful, the atmosphere was. Nothing could hide the commitment and passion that was evident on the night. You could not tell that this was only their second gig together for three years.

The band performed a great mix of former Little Angels songs coupled with some of Toby’s solo delights. Highlights included Don’t Prey For Me, Unwind, Radical Your Lover and Inside Out. Surprising inclusions were tracks written for The Little Angels farewell album Too Posh Too Mosh, Too Good to Last - Forbidden Fruit, I Want Love and All Roads Lead To You. If this is evidence of Toby’s future ventures, then we have a lot to look forward to.

Toby has a real knack for drawing the crowd into the gig, and making everybody feel part of it. Perhaps this is his appeal to the die-hard fans? The smiles on his, the bands’ and the crowds’ faces were certainly there for all to see. Another part of the appeal is the fact that Toby and the boys take time to meet with the fans after the gig. My brother-in-law and I managed to chat with Toby, and he seemed genuinely taken back and motivated by the reception. This was my second time of meeting him on the night, after an impromptu “Hello Mate” in the Gents, earlier in the evening.

It is great to see Toby back, supporting Thunder on their tour. However, I think the crowd and Toby himself will get more from it when he embarks on his own solo tour. Personally, I can’t wait. If you are a fan of good honest rock music you should check him out. You will not be disappointed!

Review by Steve Nendick

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