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The Forum, London 22 November 2006

Thunder are one of those bands that have a great loyal following yet deserve much greater acclaim. With regards to their live shows they've never been afraid to rest on their laurels and play the same old songs and having seen them quite a few times over the years tonight was no exception.

Having a good back catalogue of albums behind them now you never quite know what they're going to play and tonight they chose to air quite a few new songs from the latest album 'Robert Johnson's tombstone' - no bad thing given the quality of the album.

Suprisingly, they opened the set with 'Backstreet Symphony' then onto new songs which included 'Dirty Dream', 'What a Beautiful Day', 'Robert Johnson's Tombstone' and for the me the pick of the bunch 'The Devil Made Me Do It'.

They also included fom the new album an excellent version of the accoustic 'In My Darkest Hour' - if you've just split with your partner, believe me, this is the song that sums up how you'll be feeling.

As said earlier, Thunder are never afraid to mix their live set and tonight they even included their version of 'Gimme some loving'.

After and hour and a half of quality they ended their set with the superb 'I Love you more than Rock n Roll' - it's almost comical watching Ben Matthews standing there and play the cow bell.

The encore included good ol' Harry James taking the lead on 'Better Man' - the affection he receives from the crowd just puts a smile on your face - before they closed the show with the usual 'Dirty Love'.

I absolutely love Thunder both on album and live and they have such a great rapport with their crowd - they always seem to really enjoy what they do and have a smile on their faces as well as putting a smile on the faces of those that go to see them. I've never seen them do a poor gig yet - they don't have fancy lights or stage show, they just play good rock music.

It amazes me how Danny Bowes isn't given more recognition as a great singer and frontman or how how Thunder aren't given more recognition.

Danny, Luke and co, see you next time around and thanks for another great evening.

Review by Dean Dukelow

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