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Islington Academy, Sat 29 April 2006

Early start and finish tonight (10pm curfew at this venue) menat the support band Sweet City Fire were well into their set by the time I arrived. They certinly seemed to be going down well with the crowd with their brand of indie based guitar rock. Not too bad at all and they knowheir marketing as they plugged their My Space site and had some of their fans handing out free 5 track CD's to the crowd (will play mine & give it a review later on).

After seeing the Alarm just over two years ago (after a mere gap of 18 years!) I was looking forward to seeing them again especially after the superb new album, 'Under Attack'. From the off the band played like men possessed with a real drive and energy.

'Superchannel' of the new album got the night underway and then the set was littered with Alarm anthems like 'Absolute Reality', 'Rain In The Summertime' and a rip roaring '68 Guns' - the damn roof nearly blew off on this one! A short acoustic set by Mike Peters whilst the audience and the band drew breath before more anthemic rock 'n' roll. Great to see Mike Peters playing and singing at the top of his ability and let's hope the music can help someway in his fight against cancer.

Encore time saw '45 RPM' - the hit single the Alarm had back in 2004 under another name and one that fooled the radio stations into thinkling it was some new teenage band! Closing on 'Spirit of '76' due to time constraints although the crowd and Mike Peters breiefly, started of into 'Blaze of Glory'.

In a word - stunning. Great tunes and atmosphere played by a very passionate band. Highly recommended to see live!

Set list: Superchannel - Absolute Reality - Cease and Desist - Where were you hiding...? - Raindown - Right Back where I started From - It's alright it's OK - Rain in the Summertime - Be Still - Sold me down the River - Drunk and Disorderly - Unsafe Building - Coming Home - reason 41(acoustic) - unbreak the promise(acoustic) - walk forver by my side (solo)- this is the way we are Rescue Me - I Never Left I Only Went Away - Marching On - My Town - 68 Guns

Encores : Without a Fight - 45 RPM - Spirit of 76 - ...and sung by the crowd...Blaze of Glory

Review by Jason Ritchie

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