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SPIDERS & SNAKES ‘Hollywood Ghosts’ (2005)

Back in the day I had waist length curly hair, wore sleeveless tea shirts and cut a rug to Pretty Boy Floyd and Warrant on the dance floor (usually with a spandex clad young lady). They were happy days, before grunge came along and took the fun out of music.

Well, long before that Lizzie Grey was performing LA sleaze glam in the ‘never quite made it’ London, best remembered for the people who did make it, after passing through their ranks, like Nikki Sixx, prior to Mötley Crüe.

25 years on, and Lizzie Grey, with long time cohort Timothy Jay, is still dreaming the dream, churning out sleazy glam, and dreaming of the things that might have been. For this is old fashioned glam metal, all cock shock rock.

And for your bucks you even get a bonus DVD, full of music videos and live performances, which shows you just how much fun you can have with a low budget and several cans of hairspray. Of course, in between the party madness, Lizzie knows it can never be, and manages to summon up one genuine classic piece of doomed glam in 'Waiting For Me In LA', a song dripping in pathos.

If you’re a nu-metal baby, you won’t get this, but for those longing for the days of fun, this will bring a wry smile to your face, and the occasional tear to your eye.


Review by Stuart A Hamilton

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