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SHINETH 11 of 10 (2006)

This Swedish band started out as Shine back in 2002 and consists of Sebastian Roos (vocals, guitars, bass) and Anders Berlin (drums, keyboard). Anders has previously appeared with Eclipse who released a couple of albums a few years back. This is only a demo copy but boy is it a great slice of classic 80's sounding AOR!

Tunes like 'Embrace You' have a catchy chorus, lots of riffs and sounding not unlike classic Enuff Z Nuff or Alias. 'Country Girl' misses the mark (and sometimes the lyrics can be a bit too formula), whilst 'Joker' takes a side route featuring flute.

'The Crime' and 'Leaving Home' blow many latter day AOR bands out of the water and even overshadow some latter day TNT output. Closing track 'Blue Sky' ends the album in reflective, acoustic mode and marks a fitting end to a very accomplished album.

Not sure if the band has a record deal yet but if they haven't they should be snapped up pronto as I can see this album going down a storm with AOR and melodic rock fans. One for fans of TNT, classic sounding Scandinavian AOR and Gotthard.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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Blue Sky
© 2006 Shineth. All rights reserved.

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