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Camden Underworld 18 November 2004

A very welcome return to London by Scotlandís finest, and this sold out gig (cellar?) on their farewell tour was absolutely heaving, making seeing the band actually quite difficult. The smoke was sweet too, adding to the atmosphere.

The band have aged but still sound great and were on top form, and vocalist Max Maxwell doing a fine job in his own style. In fact, he almost tried too hard to fill Alexís boots. A tough job indeed.

Opening with the classic Faith Healer, we then got Midnight Moses and Swampsnake; probably the bandís strongest tracks.

The band moved as much as the tiny stage would allow, and the two screens flittered between images of the band and other light shows.

Next was followed by Isobel Goudie, Framed and Give My Compliments To The Chef, and by now Zal Cleminsonís guitar was coming out in the mix, the sound had started off sludgy and very bass heavy to start off with, letting down initial high hopes.

Typically Zal proved himself God and soloed like a bastard all night, with the arrangements centred around Hugh McKennaís keyboards. And with Chris Glen and Ted McKenna you have the strongest and best rhythm sound a hard rock band, theatrical or otherwise could wish for.

The show was being filmed, apparently for DVD. View and sound quality being there will make the forthcoming release essential viewing.

The show continued at a high pace with Man In A Jar, The Hammer Song and St. Anthony; even Gang Bang was played faster than usual but the crowd kept perfect pace singing along.

Action Strasse and Vambo continued to keep the crowd happy, and to finish the show the hit Boston Tea Part and of course the theatrical Tom Jones hit Delilah.

As concerts go it was a real experience, stripper and all, let down only by the initial poor sound and difficulty in being able to see anything.

But are they still Sensational? Absolutely. No Question.

Review: Joe Geesin

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