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RYO OKUMOTO ‘Coming Through’ (Inside Out 2002)

Ryo Okumoto is the keyboard player with Spock’s Beard, who have just recently released their latest album ‘Snow’. He has assembled an impressive array of guest musicians including Toto members Simon Philips (drums), Steve Luthaker (guitar) and Bobby Kimball (vocals); Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard); Glenn Hughes and famed session guitarist Mike Landau.

‘Godzilla vs. King Ghidarah’ could be a film score number, with a driving Hammond organ underpinning some fabulous bass from Dave Carpenter. ‘The Farther He Goes, The Further He Falls’ features drummer Nick D’Virgilio on vocals. This track reminds me of King’s X, particularly on the chorus harmony vocals. ‘Slipping Down’ is the first of three tracks to feature Toto’s Bobby Kimball on vocals. Starting off with a Purplesque vocal intro and then developing into a heavier Toto like feel, complete with a horn backing section and some superb Hammond organ playing.

Glenn Hughes takes the vocal duties on ‘Highway Roller’ and it sounds like a Hughes rocker! He puts in a fine vocal performance along with some neat soloing from Steve Luthaker, backed-up by a 70’s funk rock feel. ‘Coming Through’ is a mellower track with a sublime vocal from Bobby Kimball. It builds in epic fashion and is, to my mind, one of Bobby Kimball’s best vocal performances in many years. The eighteen minute epic ‘Close Enough’ starts with more Hammond organ before Bobby Kimball once again takes vocal duties. This is the most progressive track on the album, with some wonderful guitar and keyboard interplay.

A very accomplished solo album, which highlights Okumoto’s keyboard talents. The tracks are a mixture of hard rock and prog rock, which will appeal to fans of classic rock bands like Deep Purple but also those who enjoy latter day off beat rock like King’s X. Of course Toto fans will want this as nearly all the band are present on most tracks!


Review by Jason Ritchie

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