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RPWL ‘World Through My Eyes’ Inside Out (2005)


Does the prospect of hearing a bunch of Bavarians with a Pink Floyd obsession sound like about as much fun as having a BMW engineer explain the ins & outs of the latest 7 series?

If you answered yes; you would be very wrong indeed. RPWL have produced one of the most stunning prog albums for many a moon. So good in fact, that they just tweak the stunning Blackfield CD released last year. For one thing, this is far from the goth-prog of Blackfield and much more upbeat and positive. Sounding not dissimilar to post-Waters Floyd, this lot produce lush soundscapes that are amazingly aurally mesmerising. Like with much of Floyd's stuff I found myself drifting off and just listening to this music. I would not recommend it for driving music lest you want to find yourself in front of a tree.

This is stellar stuff indeed and should make this lot huge. Erstwhile Genesis singer Ray Wilson shows up on the track 'Roses' to add a bit more prog-cred. His presence is unnecessary and this lot do not need a celebrity help.

There is no need for highlights from this CD, the whole damn thing is a highlight. Forget Mostly Autumn, RPWL are the new Floyd. I simply cannot get enough of this CD, and suspect it will be on my iPod for many months to come. If you like prog or are a Floyd fan then you simply must purchase this CD. Yes, its that good.


Review by Marty Dodge

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