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QUIREBOYS Nottingham, Rock City
30 August 2003

WE ARE THE QUIREBOYS, AND THIS IS ROCK N’ ROLL!!! This wasn’t the first time frontman Spike had hollered these words to open a gig, and as long as these guys are still getting up there on stage and rockin’ like they did tonight, it certainly won’t be the last. Knowing the good time English rock ‘n’ roll fest that follows who could want to hear any other phrase?

Apparently coming to the end of many line-up changes, the three members from the original Quireboys- vocalist Spike, guitarist Guy Griffin and bassist Nigel Mogg, were joined on stage by Keith Weir on keyboards, Paul Guerin on guitar and Michael Lee on drums, all of whom come with an impressive musical past and an immense ability to do justice, and some, to all of the Quireboys classics. Certain members of the crowd seem not to be part of the fortunate group with enough years behind them to remember the Quireboys many years back at their most popular, but they surely can’t imagine for a second they could have been any better than they are now, because that, lets face it, would be an impossibility. With the Rock City comfortably filled out by a crowd bursting to hear the likes of ‘Seven o’ Clock’, ‘Mayfair’, ‘Sex Party’.. (the list is endless), Spike effortlessly led the room through pretty much every track people had turned up to hear, giving his life and soul to the crow! Spike stood before him, his unique raspy vocals satisfying every soul.

It was mentioned that they were not as tight as they could have been, but given that sobriety was not the name of the game tonight for anyone, least of all Spike who regularly requested that he be brought ‘ a large Jack Daniels and Coke’ from the bar, this didn’t seem to matter at all. The fantastic live performance that the Quireboys have mastered relies more on a natural passion for the music and for having a good time, than on musical technicality anyhow. It’s all part of the ‘boys charm and is why seeing them live beats listening to a ‘note perfect’ recording at home any day.

Tonight marked the second performance of Paul Guerin as an ‘official’ Quireboy, but this was not obvious as his natural on stage chemistry with the other band members and his indisputable talents on the guitar made it a great performance. Of course he is already familiar with many Quireboys tracks from playing with Spike doing his solo material, so it was great to see him up there at last. All of the other Quireboys were also on form, Keith playing perfect rock n’ roll piano with style, Michael giving the drums a good seeing to, slide guitar maestro Griff making those guitar solos sound better than ever, and Nigel completing the band’s sound with his classy bass, and the band’s look with his natural stage presence (and his cool as f**k hair).

What is especially impressive about tonight is that they are all still standing-given that they didn’t leave the Series Z festival in Spain, in which they took the main support slot just before 80’s glam rock n’ rollers ‘Twisted Sister’, until the early hours of the morning. Due to the recent arrival of a Moggling into the world, Nigel had only just flown in from LA in time for this gig. In fact, with the band living so spread out it’s a miracle that they manage to all come together, but apparently it works just fine. Boy is that good news. With every gig they play, these guys seem to recruit more and more fans, converting them to the good time classic style of rock n’roll of which they are still most definitely the kings. Heres to hoping that they still have much success yet to come. Watch out world, The ‘Boys are back in town……………….

Review: Ashlyn Eaton

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