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QUEENADREENA ‘Live At The ICA’ One Little Indian Records (2005)


Queenadreena are Katie Jane Garside (ex Daisy Chainsaw) – vocals, Crispin Gray – guitar, Melanie Ann Garside – bass, and Pete Howard drums. Their musical influences are stated as ‘distorted electric guitar, melody and rhythm’. But it’s more than that, it’s raw, it’s vicious and it’s angry.

Queenadreena have built up a loyal following with their brand of ‘on the edge’ raw indie rock and Live At The Ica captures a ferocious performance at the Ica in London prior to their last studio release.

This isn’t for the faint hearted or those in the comfort zone – this is rock at it’s most virulent – a maelstrom of sound with Katie delivering vocals like a demented banshee tortured to within an inch of her life.

Throughout, there’s hardly a let up. But there are moments in the calm of the storm where Katie sings in an almost child-like mantra. But the nightmare is never far away with songs like Medicine Jar, Pull Me Under, Fuck Me Doll, Pretty Like Drugs, Razorblade Sky and Suck.

For my money this isn’t the best introduction to the band – for that, try their last studio album The Butterfly And The Butcher. But if you’ve been to one of their gigs or just want to scare the crap out of the neighbours this could be right up your street.

Either way, Queenadreena are on tour throughout September and October and if you like your rock hot, dirty and dangerous, watch out for them at a town near you. If this album is anything to go by, it could be a gig you’ll never forget. ***


Review by Pete Whalley

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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