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Stripes Bar, Brentford FC Friday 14 May 2004

Now to say I am a bit of a Queen fan is an understatement :) So I was looking forward to seeing Queen Rocks who play just the rock songs, don't dress or look like Queen (in fact the vocalist/guitarist looked uncannily like a young Chris de Burgh!). Vocally it ain't Freddie Mercury but then who is? For my money only either Jeff Scott Soto or Gary Cherone are fit to grace the stage with the remaining members of Queen.

A special gig as well as both Brian May and Freddie Mercury lived less than five miles away in Feltham and as one member of the audience said this is 'Queen country'. Just a damn shame more people don't get of their arses down to gigs though (As an aside it seems many gigs of late have had poor audiences in and around London). Do they rock? Not 'arf! Plus they aren't afraid to adpat the original tunes like 'We Will Rock You', that gets slightly speeded up.

Too many highlights but I enjoyed 'Tie Your Mother Down', 'Keep Yourself Alive' and 'Bohemian Rhapsdoy' that segued into 'Killer Queen' when the operatic mid section should have kicked in - nice move. Musically the band are spot on with the drummer a sure fire Roger Taylor stand-in and with two guitarists they provide a wall of sound.

Just to illustrate how much Queen mean to people a Brazilian guy travelled all the way from Tolouse, in France (where he currently lives) via ferry, just to see this band. He'd never heard Queen songs performed live and after seeing one of the postings for this gig on another yahoo! group decided he had to come over. Did he enjoy himself? He was griining from ear to ear throughout!

Absolutely fantastic band - can't fault the tunes and the band love the music you can tell by their playing and delivery. I've seen two other Queen bands - both tribute acts with the dressing up/Freddie cloning and they pale besides these guys. Plus they are so young! Just shows that the music of Queen is timeless...

Review: Jason Ritchie

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