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OZRIC TENTACLES 'Waterfall Cities/The Hidden Step
Snapper (2005)
Rocky muzak or instrumental pop rock; call it what you will, but rubbish is not one word you would use for either of these two CDs. A two-fer-one re-release, these two CDs have something for everyone.

I can guarantee that you will adore at least two tracks between these two CDs and maybe only one song will really get you annoyed. Now normally that is not a good thing to say about a CD, but as these releases are so eclectic in scope you are bound to hit something that might not be to your liking.

Music ranges from ambient workouts through oriental music to one track at least that would not be out of place as an instrumental on the average hard rock/AOR album. There are even some tracks that would not sound out of place on recent Dream Theater opuses.

Unlike much of the drek that calls itself instrumental/ambient music there are actually songs on these two CDs.

Overall this a great collection of music to listen to while you are doing "other things" and CDs you would love to slip in the average office CD player instead of the usual drek. Wonderful stuff.


Review by Marty Dodge

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