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OZRIC TENTACLES Live At The Pongmasters Ball DVD
(Snapper Music,2002)
Pretty lights and ten years of gurning, the Ozrics on DVD...

Having been an Ozric’s fan in the early 90’s, and having spent time stood looking at ‘pretty lights’ in a swaying out of focus style at Ozric gigs, I blame them entirely for my swing into harder Dance styles, especially when you look at the emergence of Eat Static, and on a tangent Orb and Orbital, and System 7. I spent the next 10 years gurning for England and jumping around like a lunatic looking at the ‘pretty lights’ (a common theme you realise). So to find myself sat on my sofa with a DVD of ‘The Pongmasters Ball’, came as something of a shock to the system.

The music brings back good memories, a distinctive sound combination of dance beats, flashes of ‘world’ music, and good old rock. Nice to hear that the sound remains distinctive and with my eyes shut it all started to come back to me however, having your eyes closed does lessen the impact of a DVD.

I guess that’s where it starts to go a bit pear shaped for me, watching the action through a small telly screen lessens the impact, a cup of tea in hand rather than something a little stronger in both hands also changes the perspective. With a clear head the lights don’t twinkle quite as brightly, but watching of the crowd and the band is very entertaining, I thought it very touching that a concerned attendee had thoughtfully handed the band a large cigarette for them to share.

The music and the jumping around still makes me smile, the sound brings back memories, and I am very tempted to catch the next Ozric’s gig, but I am not sure that a televisual extravaganza works for the Ozric’s. At home a CD, a big stereo and a few mates works for me, out and about in a bar or a club lounge with a decent projector , well things might seem a little less surreal. As the Ozric’s have done surreal for a long time though, maybe it’s me that is missing the point.



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Review by Ann Jolly

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