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Hammersmith Apollo, London, 25 September 2005

Opening with dark chest of wonders the apollo shakes at the volume of the guitars and fans mosh,dance,jump and shout out the words as Tarja begins to sing. S

Screams echoed as the band entered first with Tuomas and finally Tarja.

I get out my camera and Tarja smiles and waves at me.....!!!!! They sing Wishmaster, The Kinslayer, Slaying The Dreamer and other classics.

The band allow Tarja to take a break as the boys perform Pink Floyd's high hopes. Tarja returns in a new dress and sings Ever Dream, Creek Mary's Blood and more stunning songs.

At the end of Nemo,the band leaves only Marco behind, as the crowd screams, he shouts"come on!!!!!" Another scream fills the Apollo. He shouts it again as we scream loudly. "I have two more words that will really get you going....." he begins nad then quickly says "....goodnight!"

The crowd screams in shock as he leaves the stage and we cry for more,remembering all the amazing explosions and fireworks and performances we have just witnessed.

The band return and Tarja is in another dress. The set ends with Ghost Love Score and a huge cloud of confetti which has exploded from the sides of the stage covers everyone - it went in my hair!!!!! The band make their famous bow for their adoring fans and Tuomas and Emmpu walk into the audience,touching people's hands and greeting their loving fans.

The cameras which have been filming the whole thing are carried away and crowds of people struggle to get out. Happy with meeting Tuomas or seeing the explosions or just standing in front of Tarja Turunen, everyone has a great big smile on their face. Maybe it's just the free posters we were all given or the cool souvenier T-shirts being sold - not that you need one to remember this gig!!!

Amazing,brilliant,fantastic. NIGHTWISH


Fan review: Danielle Evans

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