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M.II.L.ION ‘The First Two Million’ (2002) A2 Records

This is double CD of the band’s first two albums, ‘No.1’ and ‘We, Ourselves & Us’. Hailing from Sweden the band’s line-up on these two albums was BJ Laneby (bass), Hasse Johansson (vocals), CT Rohdell (guitar), Stefan Wetterlind (guitar), Markus Ydkvist (keys) and Roland Christoffersson (drums).

‘No. 1’ really reminds me of early Europe, not a bad thing in my opinion! ‘Signs of Victory’ is an all out rocker and gets the album underway nicely. ‘Winds of Change’ features upfront keyboards, as do many tracks on this album. ‘90-60-90’ has a great hook and catchy chorus, would have been a good radio track. Some crunching riffs drive along this rocker with a catchy chorus and killer guitar soloing. ‘Tomorrow’ is a ballad, which again highlights the band’s ear for a good melody. Only one real filler, ‘The Poseur’ which hasn’t aged well! Album closer is the ballad ‘I Wanna Know’, which is one of the album’s highlights as it features a heartfelt vocal performance from Hasse.

A competent debut album, if you enjoy early Europe or Pretty Maids, you will enjoy this. Production is crisp and clear - a very listenable melodic rock release.

‘We, Ourselves & Us’, is a heavier sounding CD overall. ‘Burn in Hell’ starts off the album with a bang - an all-out riffing rocker! ‘Dr. Loov’ is a sleazy track as the title suggests, followed by ‘Tear Down the Walls’ - a song very reminiscent of Deep Purple circa ‘Perfect Strangers’. ‘Judgement Day’ is a fast rocker with a slow choir-like chorus plus a shredding guitar solo and some sci fi keyboards! ‘Stone Cold Killer’ has a galloping bass, rapid fire drumming and is the heaviest track on the album - reminds me slightly of Dio-era Rainbow. ‘Never Again’ is driven along by a Sabbath like bass and is an anthemic rocker. ‘Is It Too Late’ rounds the album off with a mellow keyboard driven ballad, very different from what has gone on before.

Stronger and heavier than the debut album, it is another quality slice of melodic hard rock. The band have done two other studio albums, including this year’s ‘Detonator’. A great way to introduce yourself to the band and a band to watch out for in the future.


Review by Jason Ritchie

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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