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Rayners Hotel, London 30 May 2003

Hotel is a kind word for the venue, which is really just a pub rock venue. The band tonight is an AC/DC cover band that has a good reputation for covering their chosen band with style. Not a bad sized audience, couple of hundred and after sitting through an average rockabilly band Livewire took to the stage. The band don't go on as look-a-likes bar the guitarist who dons Angus Young approved cap and shorts and the vocalist who wears a hat a la Brian Johnson. A very tight band musically with powerful drums (mind you the colossus drummer looks like he was in Manowar!), strong bass and rhythm guitar and the lead guitarist is superb! He nails down the riffs and solos to a tee, plus he is a showman (the famous Angus moony features in the set as well). As for the vocals? The band cover both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras, but his gravely vocals suit latter day AC/DC better.

All the classics are there from a sterling version of `The Jack', one of my AC/DC faves `Thunderstruck', `Dirty Deeds' and `Whole Lotta Rosie'. A good mix of both eras of the band and they even play `Stiff Upper Lip' from the latest AC/DC studio album. Encore time sees a fine romp through `Highway To Hell' with the audience filling the dance floor and heads a shakin'. A fine night of dirty boogie music and as the real band rarely tour so often nowadays a welcome fix of the great band's music. Go see them on their extensive UK tour, more details at Website

Text © 2003 Jason Ritchie

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