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LEGS DIAMOND 'Uncut Diamond'
Majestic Rock MAJCD059 (50:03) (2005)

The legendary ‘lost album’ finally gets a release, over 25 years late. But how it’s been worth the wait, this is classic American hard rock from the late 70s.

Forming in 1977, Legs Diamond mixed influences of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple with a highly polished image, before moving in a more AOR direction. After three albums, the band split, to reform in the mid 80s. These tracks were recorded effectively live in November 1979, and would have formed the basis of the fourth album had they not gone their separate ways. It’s a nod back to the harder edge, with Sanford’s vocals the melodic end of Robert Plant, and his flute mixing well on Wind Of Fortune. Roger Romeo provides some crunchy riffs, and Michael Prince moves from guitar to keyboards seamlessly.

The sound is classy, and despite a little clichéd in places, it’s rock solid. Between The Legs sets the scene well, this is one of the true diamonds of the era that would have changed things a lot had it been released.

As a basic rock album, with a few rough edges in the recording, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.


Review by Joe Geesin

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