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LEGS DIAMOND ‘Out On Bail’ AOR Heaven (2005)

Legs Diamond

This review will be in two parts so as to be fair to the band of whom I have some affection.

First of all, from a technical standpoint this is a completely rubbish CD. There are clunks and pops along the way, differing volumes between tracks and a loud click going from track to track. If you really want to listen to this stuff you want to get the CD and slap it on your iPod, playing it on a CD player is not pleasant.

The music on the other hand is ever so slightly better than the production. This is a re-release of this CD, originally released in 1984, the tracks on here are very dated indeed. It does not help matters that a cheesy 80s drum machine is used on most of the tracks.

There are a few highlights such as 'Fugitive' and the title track but overall this is more an exercise in nostalgia than quality music. Even the three bonus tracks don't make this release worth purchasing.

There is far better Legs Diamond material out there, like their album 'Wish' or 'Town Bad Girl'. It is possible that I might appreciate the music more if the production quality was not horrid, but that is open to debate.


Review by Marty Dodge

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Out On Bail
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