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The Peel, Kingston,Surrey 9 August 2003

On a very hot night I trundled along to the Peel in nearby Kingston to check out the John Young Band after all he did do a 10 Q's for the Newswire/GRTR! and fellow Newswire member Doug recommended seeing him (could that be because he helps run John Young's website???).

Smallish venue but it had air conditioning - bliss :) Support band were called (I think) Dave's Not Here and they played to a grand total of six people! Crikey, London Underground busker's pull more than this! Five piece band who played a mix of punk/pop/rock - bit too much variety really but some toe tappers in there. Very good lead guitarist and solid drummer plus bass player who pulled all Gene Simmons' moves! The only song I knew was the bnad's cover of G'N'R's 'It's So Easy', which they did well.

The crowd grew to nearly 30 by JYB's set - where the heck was everyone? I blame the weather! Now this band has some pedigree - John Young on vocals/keyboards (Asia/The Scorpions/Greenslade/Bonnie Tyler et al), top bass player John Jowitt (IQ/Jadis), guitarist Robin Boult (Fish) and drummer Dave Stewart (Fish/Deacon Blue). I had never heard a single song by this band prior to tonight (bar John Young's co- writes on John Wetton's solo stuff) and was intrigued to say the least...

Well I can honestly say I love this band now! They play well as a band - it's not just Young's keys with other instruments tagged on and the songs are heartfelt with some superb instrumental passages. Comparisions? Hints of Jadis, Marillion (although Steve Hogarth not Fish era), definately Asia and just damn fine tunes. Songs played (I hope I have the titles right) included 'Unkown Soldier', the keyboard highlights in 'Childhood's End', 'Underside' and 'Under Angels Wings'. John Jowitt and Dave Stewart kept a solid backline with Jowitt doing some tasty bass runs and Robin Boult is a very talented guitarist. He switches from heavy riffs to nimble passages and acoustic moments with ease.

The JYB are out in the UK again in Nov - go see them! If you like well played music (slightly prog rock) you are in for a treat. I will go again and I am off to buy some CD's - can't give a better recommendation than that!

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Text © 2003 Jason Ritchie

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