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JADIS ‘Fanatic’ (Inside Out 085-65682) 2003

This album sees the original Jadis line-up back together - vocalist/guitarist Gary Chandler, drummer Steve Christey, John Jowitt on bass and Martin Orford on keyboards, the latter two also being members of IQ. The band takes a very melodic route on here, which suits Gary Chandler’s vocals fine. Another key asset to the songs contained on here are the lush arrangements, like on ‘Into Temptation’ where keys are woven with backing vocals and guitar effects to good effect. This tune actually reminds me of Tears For Fears in parts!

My favourite song is next, ‘Each & Everyday’ with its blissful ‘nah nah’ backing line, straight from the Journey songbook. The key to success on this album lie in the songs, Gary Chandler’s vocals and Martin Orford’s keyboard arrangements. The title track amply illustrates this sheer listening pleasure for headphones. The epic number ‘What Kind Of Reason’ throws it all into the works - soloing guitars, harmony vocals all interwoven with a tight rhythm section. It builds from a gentle opening, has a heavy mid-section before fading out with piano and gentle keyboards. Only ‘Who Can We Be Sure Of’ lets the album down in my ears but it could grow on me yet.

A well played and produced album, not an instant ‘hit’ by any means but a definate grower. Unlike many prog rock albums the tunes are very tight in the melody department and are better for it in my humble opinion.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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