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(Nuclear Blast NB1143-2/1144-2) (2003)

German gothic band who celebrate their tenth anniversary (I am not sure whether this is a compilation or new material, my guess is the former). Sung entirely in their native language, which adds greatly to the menace on some songs it's a very intensive listen. Looking at the band's website they seem to be down to just three members with a fair number of recent ex-members!

Each song is built on double speed drums, heavy guitar chords on top of which sit keys/loops and male/female vocals. Comparisons? Rammestein possibly and definitely Sisters of Mercy for the overall musicality of the songs. I really enjoyed this album as I think it is so different from most other music out there. 'Der Torweg' belts along with dark vocals and tasty keys, whereas 'Leuchtfeuer' takes a ballad approach with swirling keys and piano. 'Todesengel' could be on a horror movie such is the menace on display, the only drawback being the female vocals that are airy and ruin the effect somewhat. For sheer pomp check out 'Blutenstaub' with keys and strings backing the lead male/female vocals. 'Stern der Ungeborenen' rounds it all of nicely and is catchiest tune here. Less emphasis on drum/guitar here as the keyboards lead the music. The arrangements of each song on here are first rate, plenty of power and passion.

For those with open ears and varied tastes a gem of an album. The goth revival starts here!

Nuclear Blast


Review by Jason Ritchie

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