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Hurricane Party
Guildford Civic Centre 6 November 2003

I was excited again but nervous too. The venue was larger as loads of people all turned out for Wishbone Ash and I knew that this was the first time a lot of fans had turned up to see Hurricane Party with Richie, the new and spectacular singer.

These guys have such a great support network behind them, as I’m sure other bands do, but few have the X factor that Hurricane Party have. I have seen shit bands with a good support network support some good groups but get nowhere, and I have only ever seen one other band The Darkness that were good enough to make it big like HP are, okay and maybe Dirty Deeds too.

Anyway, back to HP - Last night they performed like true professionals, again. I did miss not hearing Motivator. It just shows how talented they are and they make it look easy - it’s the song that makes you go “bloody hell, look at that” and watch, then mosh, the watch and mosh a bit more! This was the first time that I have known them have a large enough crowd and stage to work. Thanks to all the Wishbone Ash fans for welcoming them in the way they did, as a fan it is good to see. They belong in larger venues with long sets.

I found myself (and caught by Robbie once) closing my eyes and grinning to myself as I thought “yes, I am really here and this really is THIS GOOD” The riffs were amazing. I may have had my back to the crowd but I got that whole Rock Crowd glowiness that I always get at good sized and good to watch and hear gigs. Their future large ones will be amazing - take the time to see them.

The Set List:

Killer - Really gets you going Days Full of Nights - a great one to move to Around Again - I just love this, you really get to hear Richie’s voice and it’s great! Liar - The whole band simply seem to enjoy this one and so do I Stolen My Ride - quite fast if I recall, and really could feel the riffs in this. Last Survivor - ALWAYS a favourite and the newer version is testimony to the way the band have improved and changed as a whole. She’s My Crypt - I had started to panic that the gig would be over here but really really really like this Ready To Go - This will be a classic

Review: Janine Miller

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