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Camden Underworld/ Glasgow Cathouse/ Colchester Soundhouse June 2003

From the minute they smacked the audience in the face with the opening bars of Blow It All Away, the HEAVY METAL KIDS never lost momentum all the way through their set, forging full-on from one song to another with only essential breaks for the less-fit members of the crowd to catch their breath.

The band was certainly fit! Hard to believe that three of them were part of the first incarnation nearly 30 years ago. A few more doses of this music and we can all look that good! If you loved the Heavy Metal Kids in the 70s, you won't be disappointed at all with the way they've evolved. The old songs such as Delirious, She's No Angel, and Chelsea Kids slotted in seamlessly with the fresh bright material from their new album HIT THE RIGHT BUTTON. They haven't lost any of the 'attitude' they had back then, and they merge it with a real-good-feel-good vibe that has a totally 'NOW' sound. They are a 'now' band - no question.

The two new members, both called Marco, complement the mix with a twin guitar sound that perfectly fits the pace of the songs. And the pace-knobs are set to 'eleven' for the whole gig!

Not only do they sound great Live, but these songs are a must for playing on radio. We've put up with mediocre stuff on music-radio for far too long, and songs like Blow It All Away, Girl Of My Dreams, Gotham City etc., will make people want to listen to the radio again - and not just in the background. I'd even stake a fair-sized bet that radio commercials played directly after songs like these would get a higher response-rate than other commercials. Not sure if it's called the 'wake-up factor' but whatever it's called, they've got it! 100% entertainment, and FUN too, exactly like rocknroll ought to be.

If you didn't get to see them this time round, make sure you catch them when they tour later this year. And don't be late cos they'll start without you if you're not there!

Text © 2003 Batttttty

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